We aspire to be a recognised leader in real estate investments and development in the Middle East. We aim to reward our investors with solid, long term Shari'ah compliant returns from a market with substantial potential.


Our mission is to identify and develop real estate assets that will generate significant returns for our clients and investors. We will make strategic investments using our knowledge of the region and we will take measured risks where appropriate. Ultimately, we will provide access to high quality investment assets that have largely been unavailable to foreign investors.


Our primary objective is to invest in a balanced blend of immediate cash generating assets and capital appreciating assets. All our assets and investments are Shari'ah compliant and all future activities and investments will remain entirely Shari'ah compliant. 

We will identify real estate projects in areas that the Directors believe will maximise growth and profit for the company and that are in the shareholders' best interests. 

We will invest in projects and activities that enable local communities and the economies of our investment locations to prosper. Due care and diligence will always be taken to ensure that we adhere to fair trade practices in each of our investments, giving our shareholders peace of mind that their investment is helping build a stronger economy for each region in which we invest.